HSMV 2023

Centro Congressi Federico II

Centro Congressi Federico II

Via Partenope, 36, 80121 Napoli

The 13th HMSV Symposium will be held in Naples in October 2023. The awareness of the sustainable mobility and the imperative of greenhouse gas emission reduction call for the immediate actions in maritime industry. The EU explicitly requests to help the maritime sector to become cleaner and more efficient through technical improvements such as optimisation of ship speed, innovation in hydrodynamics, new propulsion systems and power supply. This challenge is even greater for the field of high speed marine vessels where only through research and development,  improvements in design, construction and operation can be achieved. 

Recently, the application of foils to the hull has invaded the field of sailboats racing. The chances of victory depend in large percentage on foils efficiency and the most advances numerical and experimental techniques have to be applied in their design. The contributions on the foils hydrodynamics and/or structural problems are welcome in the new session Foiling. 

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