20-22 June 2018
Trieste (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone
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Safety and security

Augmented reality for training and managing emergency conditions on cruise ships


  • Dr. Massimiliano NOLICH
  • Dr. Raol BUQI
  • Dr. Margherita CIPRIANO
  • Dr. Sara CARCIOTTI
  • Prof. Walter UKOVICH
  • Dr. Paolo FERRARI
  • Dr. Francesco SOLDOVIERI

Primary authors



All over the world the tendency is to bring ships to be increasingly safe. Regarding cruise ships the safety has two different aspects to deal with: the first one is during the design of the ship, the second one is during ship operation. Cruise ships are able to carry on board thousands of people, with different behaviors. The interaction between them, in case of emergency, may worsen the situation. The ship has to be safe and, to damp the panic level, the passengers have to feel safe. The ICT technology may help in this respect. Passengers and crew can be educated on the principles of ship safety through Apps. In this paper we present the Emergency Virtual Training Tool App for mobile devices, which can provide suggestions, tips and instructions about the use of ship services and emergency management. It may communicate with the ship data platform, deriving the necessary information about the ship, such as alarm specific features. It may exploit an environment with sensing and communication capabilities (RFID, beacons, etc.) to visualize emergency virtual entities through augmented reality. Using this App, users familiarize with the ship emergency environment and feel safer.