Jun 20 – 22, 2018
Trieste (Italy)
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Weight reduction with Textile conductive and electromagnetic shielding solutions

Jun 22, 2018, 12:45 PM
Saturnia (Trieste (Italy))


Trieste (Italy)

Stazione Marittima
Paper Environment protection, electric system and ship energy efficiency Structures and Materials


Dr Ivano Soliani (SOLIANI EMC SRL)


The scope is just to offer a view of the good results involved just in installations maade with our fabrics textile electrically conductive with electro chemical treatment with metal nickel to offer a good shielding results from electromagnetics interferences specially in a wide range of weaves from KHz to GHz and with stability in corrosion fog salt in comparison to mesh copper and for installation in combinations with thermoplastic panels where in comparison with metal sheets the weight reduction is very important . the panels that we have just made or the applications involved over textile fabrics in glass . The tests and results made are very interesting to compare to the traditional weave and also for some applications the textile fabrics conductive can offer also a solution for cable shielding results for flexibility . The application was starting in airplane industry as AIRBUS and Agusta Westland and after these we have start to propose and install in some navy military involved for specific requirements from frequencies involved and dB attenuation . The same textile are also qualified for fire resistance for the resin thermoplastic involved to V0 and V1 in accordance with the required test .We are in condition to present photos and test results in dB according the frequencies range .The applications offer a view for more suggestions involve to remove the metal and install composite for weight reduction and also for resistance to corrosion stability . The Company is qualified En9100 lus NATO supplier and qualified in FINCANTIERI and INTERMARINE and DCN .is a SME PMI company and have take part to tre projects for EU 6° and 7° European Programme ( LIDWINE-MADMAX-SMARTPRO as name of the 3 projects qualified ) Ivano dott eng Soliani CEO of SOLIANI EMC SRL Como Italy

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Dr Ivano Soliani (SOLIANI EMC SRL)

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