20-22 June 2018
Trieste (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone
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Contribution Paper

Trieste (Italy) - Marconi
Environment protection, electric system and ship energy efficiency

A case for innovation in environmental protection, electric systems and energy design efficiency for yachts


  • Mr. Giorgio BARBINI

Primary authors



Yachts enjoy a history of development and advancement, as All it takes is a vision of what can be, belief that it can be done and the persistence and drive to make it happen. Demands for exploration are expanding. Conventional yacht design & technology will no longer be enough. Hybrid power generation, using renewable energy resources and efficiencies are the solutions to tomorrow’s expedition and adventure yachts.

Innovation New technologies capex & opex don’t include intangibles such as emissions reductions, back up power options, reliability, flexibility, sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility cannot easily be quantified or qualified.

Hybrid technology enablers such as power electronics & Lithium Ion Batteries optimize fuel efficiency, Enhance system protection / automation, reduce vessel operating costs, improved safety and control systems, reduced emissions and Weight/space savings

Energy generation technology without advances in energy storage systems are meaningless. Hydrogen fuel cells can supply efficient, clean power for a wide range of fluctuating loads.

Summary Energy generation, storage technology are pushing the boundaries of scalability offering yacht owners options not even dreamed of in years past. The future of expedition and adventure yacht design is only limited by imagination.