Jun 20 – 22, 2018
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Jun 20, 2018, 2:45 PM
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Trieste (Italy)

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Paper Conceptual and practical ship design Ship Design


Prof. Vedran Slapnicar (Head of Chair of Ship Design and Offshore Engineering)


Shipbuilding is a nonlinear and modular process. Activities in production, design, management and finance are interlinked and interdependent. That has been, but only partially, already tackled by PERT and net diagrams depicting interdependence of activities, but in the production process mainly. We deem it desirable and indispensable to introduce all activities not only during the production process but in preparatory stage as well, i.e. design, development of drawings, class and government bodies’ approvals, purchase of materials, finance i.e. cash flow. The shipbuilding process in broader sense includes also after delivery activities which should be also be part of planning and prediction process. If we use a theory of games to predict economic consequences and, instead of enemy substitute it with any form of problem, such as but not exclusively, errors in production, failure to satisfy quality control, delay in material supply, delay in production etc., we can for any of the problem have a pre-calculated and predicted deviation from the ideal path, planning. Our response time i.e. countermeasures could and should be instantaneous. Shortening of the reaction time is the key to the success.

Primary author

Prof. Vedran Slapnicar (Head of Chair of Ship Design and Offshore Engineering)


Mr Ivan Adum (Naval Architect, Consultant, Project Broker)

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